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Project introduction

The Matakohe Bridges (known as Hardies and Anderson) located on SH12 near Matakohe are being replaced by two new two-lane bridges. The new 3km road alignment will remove the tight curves and short straights and will improve safety on this section of SH12.

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    Bridge improvements, Road improvements
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Purpose of this project

The alignment through this section of the state highway is very poor, with tight corners and one way bridges.

The two key resulting problems are:

  • Safety risk for all users
  • Delays for freight from the west coast


Improvements are likely to include a complete realignment through this section with new bridges and intersections to provide better access.

The indicative option is currently being developed into a final scheme and will be available for community consultation in late 2016.

It will include consideration of:

  • Access to the local network
  • Intersection treatment
  • Promoting local attractions, including the Kauri Museum
  • Environmental enhancements, including landscaping and stormwater treatment

From there a detailed design will be undertaken and construction is planned to begin in late 2017.

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Fast facts

  • Works will start at Matakohe on Monday 6th March.  Initial works include geotechnical testing and earthworks to support a short diversion of the state highway.
  • This diversion will allow the main works to be constructed without delaying vehicles. 
  • Replacing the two bridges at Matakohe will improve safety for all road users. The narrow width of the existing bridges causes delays during the busy visitor season which are linked to driver frustration and risk taking behaviours which can then lead to crashes. There were 15 reported crashes on or near the bridges between 2005 and 2014.
  • The improvements include a realignment of the state highway to remove the tight bends approaching the bridges. A new and improved intersection for the Matakohe Township and the iconic Kauri Museum will be built, and cycling connections will be provided for the local community and visitors travelling along the Twin Coast Discovery route.
  • Public consultation has been undertaken and will continue during the development of the scheme and construction.  Public feedback has already been collected following a series of open days in August last year and February this year.
  • The scheme is expected to cost $26.6m.
  • Construction will take two construction seasons and is expected to be complete in 2019.