Project introduction

The NZ Transport Agency has confirmed that the Rotorua Eastern Arterial (REA) will not be constructed and that the designation will no longer be required.

  • Estimated project cost

    $100 million +
  • Project type

    Road improvements
  • Project status



To increase efficiency, reduce travel times, and improve safety for all road users travelling around and through the eastern suburbs of Rotorua.

The amended REA designation delivers the best outcomes and benefits. This option uses much of the existing designation between Te Ngae Road and Lake Rotorua.


The benefits include:

  • Improved travel time and journey reliability.
  • More efficient connections.
  • Ease congestion by separating state highway and local traffic.
  • Improved safety by reducing conflicting travel movements at intersections.
  • Best long-term solution to meet the needs of the Rotorua Eastern corridor and wider region.

About the project

The amended REA designation features include:

  • New 6.8km state highway alignment connecting the Rotorua CBD with SH30 just south of the airport.
  • Four lane median-divided highway from Sala Street to Vaughan Road, and a two lane median-divided highway from Vaughan Road to the eastern instersection where it joins the existing SH30/Te Ngae Road.
  • New local road connections for Vaughan Road and Lee Road
  • Two new stream crossing bridges and one over bridge, four new roundabouts and an upgraded signalised intersection at Sala Street.

The challenges

  • The alignment may impact on cultural, ecological and geothermal sensitive areas.
  • Ngapuna village residents would have reduced access to Lake Rotorua.
  • It requires more land purchase and the relocation of recreational activities within the Sanatorium Reserve.

The NZ Transport Agency is working closely with Rotorua District Council on this project.