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Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has set permanent new speed limits on SH73 in the Yaldhurst area.

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Yaldhurst area speed consultation guide
Public consultation, (PDF)
Yaldhurst area speed consultation submission form
Public consultation, (PDF)


Slowing down saves lives, with a strong link between speed and safety on our roads. We want to make Christchurch roads, and roads in the surrounding region, as safe as possible so we are reviewing speed limits across the network where there are concerns they are not safe or appropriate.

Having speed limits set at the correct level for the conditions on specific roads is one of the most important ways we can help people get to where they need to go safely. Lowering the speed limit is one of the ways we can create safer roads for all users.

In September 2019, we publicly consulted on the speed limits on State Highway 73 (Yaldhurst Road) from just west of Russley Road, through to just west of Yaldhurst village. We did this in conjunction with the Christchurch City Council who were consulting on speed limits on the local roads around Yaldhurst.

There have been ongoing community calls for lower speed limits on the roads in the Yaldhurst area. This area has seen significant development, including new commercial activities, all of which have generated more pedestrian and cycling activity and an increase in traffic numbers.

New permanent speed limits

The following speed limits were proposed during consultation and have been set as the new permanent speed limits, taking effect from Friday 4 December 2020.

New permanent speed limits for SH73 Yaldhurst Road:

Location Existing speed limit New speed limit from 4 December 2020
SH73 East of Yaldhurst
From 155m west of SH73/SH1 (Russley Road) intersection to 200m west of Sir John McKenzie Drive
80km/h 60km/h
SH73 Yaldhurst
A reduction of the existing 70km/h zone through Yaldhurst to 60km/h, and an extension of this 60km/h zone to 150m west of Hasketts Road

Extension of 60km/h zone west
SH73 West of Yaldhurst
From 150m west of Hasketts Road to 200m west of Old West Coast Rd
100km/h 80km/h
Map showing new permanent speed limits along SH73 Yaldhurst

Investigation and evidence

When determining the proposed speed limits, we reviewed the speeds that people were driving the road, as well as investigating the road itself. The speed limits of 60km/h and 80km/h were assessed to be the safe and appropriate speeds for the route.

Crash history

In the ten years from 2009-2018, there were 56 crashes resulting in one fatality and five people receiving serious injuries.

Lower permanent speed limits were needed to reduce the number of crashes and resulting deaths and serious injuries.

Travel times

The new permanent speed limits will have minimal impact on travel times. Over the nearly 2 km route, the increase in travel time will be approximately 30 seconds.


Find out more about the SH73 Yaldhurst Road permanent speed limits by reading the frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

Consultation and submissions

Public consultation closed on 30 September 2019 and we have used people’s feedback to recommend what speed limits are best for this road.

Consultation summary [PDF, 292 KB]

Consultation submissions [PDF, 4.1 MB]

How speed reviews work

More information about speed and the speed review process is available on the Speed Review Programme webpage.

Christchurch City Council review of speed limits in Yaldhurst

Christchurch City Council has also reviewed speed limits on local roads in Yaldhurst. We are working collaboratively to deliver our speed limit changes together, and Christchurch City Council is also changing speed limits on stretches of Ryans Road and Pound Road, taking effect from 4 December 2020.

Map showing speed limit change sin Yaldhurst

View larger map [PDF, 470 KB]

See the Christchurch City Council’s website for more information about safer speed changes in the Yaldhurst area.

Christchurch City Council’s website(external link)