When the Transmission Gully motorway opens there will be more ways than ever to use the transport network, and that may mean there’s a better alternative to your usual journey. The addition of the new motorway to the network will change the way people use state highways and local roads, and their access public transport. It won’t just mean a new route to get in and out of Wellington, as it will affect how other roads operate. It may mean you have a shorter trip to the nearest train station, that there is less traffic on the road you normally use, or that your usual route is quieter or busier at different times.

Once the new motorway is open, we’ll be sharing information about how the transport network works so that people have all the information they need to plan ahead. We’ll be letting people know how journey times vary throughout the day, how traffic volumes on the network vary throughout the week, and what transport options are available to you.
Before you head off on a journey, whether for work or play, we’ll help you consider:

  • How might my journey be affected?
  • When is the best time for me to travel?
  • What is the best way for me to travel?

For the time-being, you can use the interactive map below to see how your journey to and from key locations may change when the new motorway through Transmission Gully opens:

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Once the Transmission Gully motorway  is open, our Journey Planner will be updated with the latest information, including how state highways and local roads are operating, any incidents or roadworks, and the nearest public transport options.

To check out current road conditions, journey times and public transport options, you can access the Waka Kotahi Journey Planner below:

The Waka Kotahi Journey Planner provides you with up-to-date information to make your journey as smooth and efficient as possible. Before using the network, be sure to check ahead to see what options you may have.

Journey Planner website(external link)