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Geosynthetic soil reinforcement product approvals

Published: | Category: Materials , Specifications | Audiences: Road controlling authorities, Road traffic engineers & consultants, Roading contractors

Geosynthetic soil reinforcement and systems employed in the reinforcement of soil structures (embankments, slopes, reinforced soil walls, etc) are relatively new materials with widely varying properties and a relatively limited history of application and proven performance.

Where geosynthetic soil reinforcement is proposed to be used, the specific geosynthetic reinforcement material and supplier shall be subject to the approval of the road controlling authority.

Based upon submitted product information, testing results, and certification, Waka Kotahi accepts the following geosynthetics for use as soil reinforcement in accordance with Section 6 of the Waka Kotahi Bridge manual.

Note these acceptances apply only to the geosynthetics and not to any facings or connections, and only for products manufactured at the manufacturing facility stated on the Waka Kotahi approval certificate.

Both the manufacturing plant ISO certification and Waka Kotahi certificate dates need to be current at the time of use.

Design parameters given in the Waka Kotahi approval certificates shall be adopted in design.

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Publication details

Summary of acceptances

Summary of accepted geosynthetic materials [PDF, 162 KB] in accordance with clause 6.8.1 of the 3rd Edition of the Waka Kotahi Bridge manual)


Certificate No.


Latest issue date

Expiry date


StrataGrid SGU and SGB ranges [PDF, 273 KB]

18 Mar 2020

1 Jun 2023


 AceGrid geogrid

19 Nov 2014

18 Nov 2017


ParaWeb series geogrid [PDF, 355 KB]

11 Nov 2020

9 Jan 2023


Tensar RE500 series uniaxial geogrid [PDF, 233 KB]

21 May 2021

5 Aug 2023


MiraGrid GX series geotextiles [PDF, 113 KB]

11 Nov 2020

11 Nov 2023


Mirafi PET series geotextiles [PDF, 344 KB]

4 Oct 2021

31 Jul 2023


GeoTer F-PET composite geotextiles [PDF, 383 KB]

4 Oct 2021

1 Apr 2023


GeoTer W-PET composite geotextiles [PDF, 278 KB]

4 Oct 2021

1 Apr 2023


ParaGrid series biaxial geogrid [PDF, 722 KB]

11 Nov 2020

11 Nov 2023


ParaLink series uniaxial geogrid [PDF, 4.8 MB]

11 Nov 2020

29 Oct 2023