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Ngauranga Triangle strategy study

A joint study between the NZ Transport Agency, Wellington City Council and Hutt City Council that outlines an integrated long-term strategy for the Ngauranga Triangle. The Ngauranga Triangle consists of State Highway 1 between Tawa and Ngauranga, State Highway 2 between Ngauranga and Petone, and possible link between Petone and Tawa/Grenada.

The study was completed in stages. An extensive list of transportation measures for the Ngauranga Triangle was developed in the first instance, which was narrowed down to a short list. The short list options were then evaluated, culminating in recommendations that are contained in the Ngauranga Triangle technical report.

The summary of the technical report provides an overview of the processes followed by the study and its recommendations. More detail on each of the stages can be found in the Ngauranga Triangle technical report, the Short options report and the Long list assessment report.

Ngauranga Triangle technical report – index

Download report section

Ngauranga Triangle Technical ReportDate
Technical report summary [PDF, 2.4 MB] Jan 2010
Ngauranga Triangle Technical Report [PDF, 3.8 MB] Jan 2010
Appendix A – Wellington and Hutt City Council provisions [PDF, 72 KB] Jan 2010
Appendix B – Urban design framework [PDF, 3.6 MB] Jan 2010
Appendix C – Consenting methodology [PDF, 15 KB] Jan 2010
Appendix D – Map of the long list options [PDF, 435 KB] Jan 2010
Appendix E – Map of the short list options [PDF, 792 KB] Jan 2010
Appendix F – Potential Petone–Grenada Link Road – long section and route alignment [PDF, 2.1 MB] Jan 2010
Appendix G – Traffic modelling [PDF, 2.6 MB] Jan 2010
Appendix H – Petone–Grenada Link Road: preliminary visual impact assessment [PDF, 953 KB] Jan 2010
Appendix I – Cross Valley Link: cross section and route alignment [PDF, 15 MB] Jan 2010
Short Options ReportDate
Short Options Report [PDF, 2.7 MB] Jan 2010
Appendix A – Consenting methodology and ranking [PDF, 41 KB] Jan 2010
Appendix B – Long sections and cross sections [PDF, 3.7 MB] Jan 2010
Appendix C – SH2 accident data [PDF, 67 KB] Jan 2010
Appendix D – Traffic modelling assessment [PDF, 1.5 MB] Jan 2010
Appendix E – Visual impact of the Petone–Granada Link Road [PDF, 979 KB] Jan 2010
Appendix F – Geotechnical risks for valley floor [PDF, 241 KB] Jan 2010
Long List Assessment ReportDate
Long List Assessment Report [PDF, 2.9 MB] Jan 2010
Appendix [PDF, 692 KB] Jan 2010