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Specification for resource efficiency policy for infrastructure delivery

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This P48 specification outlines the requirements for implementation of the Resource Efficiency Policy for Infrastructure Delivery and Maintenance during the design and delivery of Waka Kotahi infrastructure improvement projects.

A tiered threshold approach has been taken to categorise projects, as per the table below. Tier 1 projects are required to report a wider range of resource efficiency data and complete a detailed carbon footprint. Tier 2 and 3 projects are required to report fewer categories of data, with Tier 2 requiring only a basic carbon footprint. All are required to prepare a resource efficiency and waste minimisation plan (REWMP), however the level of detail in these plans will be commensurate with the size of the project.



Tier 1

>$15 million and duration ≥12 months

Tier 2

>2 million but <15 million, or > 15 million with duration ≤12 months.

Tier 3

<2 million eg low-cost low risk projects.

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  • Published: July 2021
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