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Stopping and parking

Parking signs

You must obey all parking signs.

Examples of parking signs

Any parking sign that has a red border around the outside means that you cannot stop there at any time, unless other times are shown.

Below are some examples of parking signs and what they mean.

Clearway 7 am to 9 am sign

You must not stop here between the times shown
on the sign. If you do, your car will be towed away.
You will have to pay the tow fee to get your car back

No parking for 4 km sign

You must not stop for the distance shown on the sign

No parking sign

You cannot stop here at any time

No parking ends sign

You can stop after you pass this sign

No parking between 8 am and 6 pm sign

You can't stop between 8am and 6pm in the direction shown by the arrow

Bus stop sign

You may not stop here at any time. Only buses can stop here

All other parking signs apply between 8am and 6pm, other than public holidays covered by section 44(1) of the Holidays Act 2003 (Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Good Friday, etc), unless other times are shown.

Sign showing you can park for 20 minutes

The number shown under the 'P' shows how many minutes you can park for

Coupon parking zone sign

A coupon must be displayed on the window of the vehicle if you park here

Motorcycle parking sign

Only motorcycles can park here

Five-minute parking sign

Any vehicle can stop here to unload goods or people, but the vehicle must not be left unattended for more than five minutes

Goods vehicle loading zone sign

Only goods service vehicles can stop here to unload goods or people, but the vehicle must not be left unattended for more than five minutes

Parking for people with disabilities

Parking areas with the sign shown below are set aside to give mobility parking permit holders easy access to places such as supermarkets, libraries and community centres.

To park here you must display a mobility parking permit on your front window. Otherwise, you may be fined or have your vehicle towed away.

For information on how to get a permit, and the special parking conditions that go with it, contact CCS Disability Action or your local council.

Mobility parking sign

Only vehicles displaying a mobility parking permit can park here

Picture of a mobility parking permit

Mobility parking permit

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Last updated: 29 May 2013