About the practical driving tests

What is the practical driving test?

If you are not completing an approved heavy vehicle driving course, or you are converting an overseas driver licence, you must pass a full licence practical driving test to gain a full heavy vehicle driver licence (classes 2-5).

For the test, you will drive with a driver testing officer, who will observe your driving and assess whether it meets the standard for that class of licence.

By the time you come to sit your practical tests you will already know how to drive. However, the tests are not just about testing your ability to drive. The tests are also about determining if you can drive safely, while adhering to all road rules - if you can’t display these attributes, then you will fail your test.

This section gives you more information about the full practical driving test, which will help you be fully prepared when you sit it.

Why have practical driving tests?

To make our roads safe, it is essential that everyone who drives has the skills they need to be a safe and responsible driver. It's not enough to just know all the road rules; you also need to be able to follow them when you're out on the road, and you need to have the skills to handle a heavy vehicle properly.

That's exactly what practical driving tests assess and why they are such an important part of the licence testing process. They test how well you drive in a variety of situations, such as on the open road, around town or at a busy intersection.

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Last updated: 16 July 2014