About the practical riding tests

What are the practical riding tests?

As part of getting your motorcycle licence you must pass three practical riding tests (unless you choose the CBTA option). The tests are:

  • the basic handling skills test, which you'll do with an examiner who has been approved to do this by the Transport Agency, and which you must pass before applying for your learner licence
  • the restricted licence practical test, which you must pass to get your restricted licence (you do not need to pass this test if you successfully complete the 6R CBTA course)
  • the full licence practical test, which you must pass to get your full licence (you do not need to pass this test if you successfully
    complete the 6F CBTA course).

For the restricted and full licence tests you will be followed by a driver testing officer, who will observe your riding and assess whether it is good enough to progress to the next level of licence.

This section gives you more information about the restricted and full practical riding tests, which will help you be fully prepared when you sit them.

Why have practical riding tests?

To make our roads safe, it is essential that everyone who drives or rides on them has the skills they need to be safe and responsible. It's not enough to just know all the road rules; you also need to be able to follow them when you're out on the road, and you need to have the skills to handle a motorcycle properly.

That's exactly what the practical riding tests assess and why they are such an important part of the licence testing process. They make sure you have mastered the basic riding skills. They also test how well you drive in a variety of situations, such as on the open road, around town or at a busy intersection.

Make sure you are ready for your practical test

By the time you come to sit your practical tests you will already know how to ride. However, the tests are not just about testing your ability to ride. The tests are also about determining if you can ride safely, while adhering to all road rules - if you can’t display these attributes, then you will fail your test.

The restricted and full tests are tough tests that assess your driving skills. It is recommended that you get plenty of practice (at least 120 hours if you have a learner licence) before you sit a practical test. More information about the restricted and full practical test contents can be found here.

Booking practical riding tests via phone or internet

You can book the following riding tests over the phone or internet:

  • restricted licence tests (car and motorcycle)
  • full licence tests (car, motorcycle and heavy vehicles)
  • on-road safety test (from age 75, if required by a doctor).

In addition, you can book an on-road safety test for older drivers by phone (but not via the internet).

You need to book all other tests in person at a driver licensing agent.

To book over the phone or internet, you will need:

  • your current driver licence
  • a valid credit card (or your internet banking details if you are booking online) to pay the fee.

Before your new licence can be issued, you will still need to visit a driver licensing agent to:

Depending on the type of test you are having, the driver licensing agent may also:

  • take your photograph
  • collect your signature
  • check your eyesight (unless you provide an eyesight certificate)
  • check any other relevant certificates, such as a medical certificate or advanced driving skills certificate.

Some people choose to provide an eyesight certificate instead of having the eyesight check. For more information click here.

Booking by phone

To book by phone, call 0800 822 422. Your call will go to our driver licensing contact centre, who will book a test for you in your preferred area.

When you book, you’ll be told all the details for your test. You will also be emailed or posted a confirmation slip. However, you should note down the details of your test in case the confirmation slip doesn’t arrive in time.

Your test booking is valid even if your confirmation slip hasn’t arrived. If you miss your test, or if you are late and your test is cancelled you’ll have to rebook another test time and pay another fee.

The phone booking service is available from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm (except statutory holidays).

Booking via the internet

To book over the internet:

  • go to the Transport Agency website
  • click on ‘I need to book, change or cancel a practical driver licence test’
  • follow the step-by-step instructions.

Make sure you read the information carefully.

When you've booked online, a confirmation slip will be emailed to you. It's a good idea to print this out and keep it until your test. The online booking service is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

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Last updated: 26 November 2014