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Innovating Streets for People pilot fund

The Innovating Streets for People pilot fund (more than $7million) will help councils create more people-friendly spaces in our towns and cities.

Many of us in urban areas want to live in vibrant neighbourhoods, where we easily get to work, and access shops and services. We want to feel safe and comfortable moving around, in ways that are good for our health and take care of the planet.

Tactical urbanism can be used to make quick progress by testing and piloting projects to help demonstrate their value to the community.

The pilot fund provides councils with a 90% funding assistance rate (FAR) as well as capability building support for successful applicants, including participation in a community of practice.

What projects are being funded?

Projects using tactical urbanism techniques such as pilots, pop-ups and interim treatments that make it safer and/or easier for people to move around or access community spaces.

Projects could be anything from piloting a new walking or cycling facility to pop-up community-led street events, to trialling a low-traffic neighbourhood or reallocating more street space for people.

For example:

  • Interim intersection safety improvements (e.g. kerb build-outs)
  • Projects to improve placemaking
  • Projects that reinforce the context of the street (business/economic activity areas, school traffic calming)
  • One-off events to help cities embrace other modes of transport
  • Regular play-street programmes that build community support for re-purposing streets
  • Low-traffic neighbourhoods that aim to reduce vehicle volumes (e.g. filtered permeability)
  • Piloting a cycleway-, pedestrian- or public transport-network.

Projects need to strategically align with both the Innovating Streets programme objectives, and local councils strategies and plans. They must also be able to demonstrate the value of using tactical urbanism to advance a future permanent change, and explain how they will move to permanent changes.

See the list of funded projects that have been announced

Key dates

There were two application rounds for the pilot fund. The first was announced in June 2020. The second was announced in August 2020. All projects will be delivered by June 2021.

More information

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