When do the new toll prices take effect?

The new toll prices will take effect from 12.01am on Saturday 1 July 2023.

What are the price changes?

Trips for light vehicles will cost 20 cents more, and trips for heavy vehicles will cost 40 cents more.

Toll road name Light vehicle (cars/motorcycles) Heavy vehicle (trucks/buses)
  Pricing until 1 July 2023 Pricing from 1 July 2023 Pricing until 1 July 2023 Pricing from 1 July 2023
Auckland Northern Gateway $2.40 $2.60 $4.80 $5.20
Tauranga Eastern Link SH2 $2.10 $2.30 $5.20 $5.60
Tauranga Takitimu Drive SH29 $1.90 $2.10 $5.00 $5.40

Why are toll prices increasing?

Toll operating costs have increased by 10 cents since they were last reviewed in 2011 and timing for debt repayments needs adjusting. The toll price increase is in line with the cost increase.

Where does money from a toll go?

Most of the money goes towards debt repayment, with $0.80c going towards operating costs to run the tolling business, and a component is spent on GST.

For example: From a $2.60 toll, $1.46 goes towards debt repayment, $0.80c goes towards operating costs to run the tolling business and $0.34c goes to Inland Revenue as GST.

Are any other charges increasing?

Customers who purchase prepay trips at service stations will be impacted by a service fee increase. Our service provider is increasing their transaction fee from $1.20 to $1.50

All other charges remain unchanged.

I have a toll road account. Do I need to do anything because of the toll price increase?

No. Since tolls are automatically debited to your account they will be charged at the new rate from 1 July 2023. You may want to review your top up amount to ensure it’s sufficient to cover your current travel requirements.

I have unused pre-purchased trips. Will I have to pay more when prices increase?

No. For trips purchased prior to 1 July 2023, you will not need to make up the difference. The system will recognise that the trip has been paid for, as opposed to how much the trip costs. 

Please note: Trip passes purchased before 1 April 2023 are valid for 2 years, and trip passes purchased from 1 April 2023 are valid for 3 months.

Do toll prices increase each time the consumer price index (CPI) goes up?

No. Debt repayments are impacted by inflation and this does contribute to a price increase, but a price increase only occurs at select times. The last price increase was in 2019.