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Our vision of a safe road system

Improving safety on the roads is a priority for the NZ Transport Agency.  We work with the New Zealand Police, Ministry of Transport and local government to deliver the Safer journeys 2010-2020(external link) strategy.

We are also supporting the Ministry of Transport in its development of New Zealand’s road safety strategy 2020-2030, Road to Zero.

We are committed to the Government’s goal of a land transport system that is a safe system, free of death and serious injury.

The Safe System recognises that people make mistakes and are vulnerable in a crash. It reduces the price paid for a mistake so crashes don't result in loss of life or limb. Mistakes are inevitable – deaths and serious injuries from crashes are not. To learn more about the Safe System approach watch our 20-minute video.

We’re working to achieve a safe system through:

  • safe roads and roadsides – improving the level of safety built into our roads

  • safe road use – alert users who stick to the road rules and look out for each other

  • safe speeds – speeds that are right for each type of road

  • safe vehicles – choosing the safest vehicle you can afford.

The Transport Agency is also responsible for safety on the rail network.