Speed and Infrastructure Programme – Programme Business Case

Aotearoa New Zealand’s road safety strategy, Road to Zero, sets a target of a 40 percent reduction in deaths and serious injuries (DSI) by 2030.

Road to Zero – New Zealand’s Road Safety Strategy 2020–2030(external link)

To achieve this, five focus areas have been outlined:

  1. infrastructure improvements and speed management
  2. vehicle safety
  3. work-related road safety
  4. road user choices
  5. system management.

This Programme Business Case (PBC) outlines the case for investment in the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency Speed and Infrastructure Programme to help progress Road to Zero, and also provides the overarching strategic case and context for investment in the other four focus areas.

Speed and Infrastructure Programme - Programme Business Case [PDF, 6.4 MB]

Our modelling predicts that the Speed and Infrastructure Programme (SIP) will contribute around half of all the DSI savings required to meet the 40 percent target.

We built this PBC on the 2018–21 Safe Network Programme and sought Waka Kotahi Board support for changes to the management and implementation of the 2021–24 SIP based on lessons learnt and improvements identified over the 2018–21 National Land Transport Programme period.

We requested these changes to enable Waka Kotahi as a Road Controlling Authority (RCA) and local authority partners to deliver at the scale and pace required to achieve the desired Road to Zero outcomes and implement road safety improvements across the roading network.

This PBC will be supported by further business cases and investment proposals to set out the key interventions that we and our partners will deliver to support progress within each of the five focus areas.

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