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This page relates to the 2018-21 National Land Transport Programme.


This section sets out the guidance on funding assistance for and management of multi-party projects.

Multi-party projects involve more than one organisation receiving funding assistance for the one project.

Funding agreement

Funding assistance for multi-party projects is conditional on the parties entering into a formal funding agreement. The extent of detail required in the agreement will depend on the size, complexity and duration of the project.

Each multi-party funding agreement should be developed in consultation with the appropriate Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency regional representative, executed by the parties involved and sent to the representative prior to funding being released.

Content of agreement


  • Content

    The multi-party funding agreement must include the following:

    • Identification of the lead organisation, who is responsible for the overall project management and recovering costs from other parties
    • the total project cost, the total cost of each phase and the agreed division of these costs between each party, and whether a financial summary report is required
    • the organisation responsible for reporting to Waka Kotahi on project changes
    • the organisation responsible for preparing and updating the economic analysis at project key points
    • how the parties’ separate interests are protected within the contractual arrangement
    • a risk-sharing and approvals procedure for any variations, contractual disputes, etc
    • the basis for accounting for the respective parties’ costs associated with the project.
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Programming in the RLTP

Each organisation must identify its specific portion of the project cost as an activity in the relevant Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP).


Each organisation must claim funding assistance for its portion of the project cost.

Transport Investment Online

In Transport Investment Online (external link)(TIO), the lead organisation creates a programme business case (for support through the Business Case Approach) and specifies the contributing organisations.

Each contributing organisation creates an activity in TIO which details their specific portion of the project cost and selects the programme business case which the activity is part of.

Waka Kotahi audit of multi-party projects

Waka Kotahi may audit multi-party projects at any time to confirm that all accounting and reporting requirements are being met.