Te Ringa Maimoa Transport Excellence Partnership has developed Road Controlling Authority (RCA) performance reports to help decisionmakers understand transport value using metrics, ratings and scores on service performance and outcomes.

A majority of the data presented in each RCA performance report is already available in various places across the sector – but is not easily accessible or easy to understand. Each of the 68 RCA performance reports make local results and comparable evidence available in two-pages.

Publishing the RCA performance reports should lead to delivering better value in the transport sector. These reports provide a national, objective picture of transport investment and performance in a single resource. The RCA performance reports present clear and comparable data on value, and enable peer-to-peer comparisons and understanding of sector performance.

RCA report overview

Performance results and evidence in each report are segmented into a headlines summary and eleven separate ‘zones’ – including Co-investor Assurance and Service Performance.

Quick reference guide to zones in the RCA report [PDF, 519 KB]

The RCA reports are produced annually. A static pdf version of the reports for each RCA are available below. They are also available within the Transport Insights web portal in an interactive dashboard format.

REG RCA report screen capture

RCA report example

The functionality within Transport Insights allows the user to toggle on and off comparative data and seeing the specific values by hovering over the chart.

Transport Insights web portal(external link)

Enhanced reports

The RCA reports are reviewed and enhanced each year to keep them current and take advantage of new datasets that become available. These ongoing enhancements could affect the comparability with previous published annual results.

Below is a summary of changes made by report year.


No changes were made to the headlines, ‘zones’ and individual charts in the 2020/21 reports.

The reports are available within Transport Insights. This includes the high level dashboard report of the headline result for each of the eleven zones. The functionality within Transport Insights also allows the user to toggle on and off comparative data and seeing the specific values by hovering over the chart.

The information sources and notes are available within each zone within Transport Insights.

REG Insights screen capture

Transport Insights dashboard example

Information guide: How results are presented and information sources 2020/21 [PDF, 477 KB]


The 2019/20 reports have been enhanced based on user feedback and the availability of new data.

Key changes include:

  1. Reduced dominance of the Activity Management and Co-Investor Assurance results on page one.
  2. Consolidation of the various crash/safety results into a single Safety zone.
  3. Separation of the Delivery and Achievements zone.
  4. Revised Achievements zone that includes Works Completed and Road Condition.
  5. Revised Delivery zone focused on Expenditure.
  6. Rationalisation of the info reported in the Territorial Activity zone.
  7. A Headline result for each zone.
  8. Public Transport results at Serviced Community level rather than Region and Serviced Population charts.
  9. General chart enhancements - comparison against the distribution of national results (25th-75th percentiles).
  10. New Network Availability and Accessibility zone.

Information guide: Key content changes explained 2019/20 [PDF, 2 MB]

Information guide: How results are presented and information sources 2019/20 [PDF, 922 KB]


We published RCA performance reports for the first time in June 2020 using 2018/19 results and evidence. Publication of reports in February 2021 present transport sector data for the 2019/20 year. 

Information guide: How results are presented and information sources 2018/19 [PDF, 537 KB]

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