Kia ora and welcome to the July 2017 update from the Transmission Gully team.

Construction update – July 2017

Motorscrapers and dozers

Motorscrapers and dozers hard at work near Cannons Creek.

Welcome to July's construction update for the Transmission Gully project.

With great progress being made on multiple fronts along the 27-kilometre alignment, there’s certainly a lot to talk about. Given there's so much going on, we're intending to issue these monthly. Each month, we’ll update you on the latest construction works underway, what’s coming up and important safety reminders when travelling near our construction areas.

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Here’s the latest from the team on what’s been happening across the Transmission Gully project:

Mackays Crossing

At Mackays Crossing, preloading works continue to improve the soil before construction can start. We're also in the process of installing a new gas main, which is due to be complete at the end of July. There will be no disruption in service for gas customers during these works.

Soon we’ll be starting work on the foundations for a bridge to provide access for properties on the eastern side of the Transmission Gully route. Foundation preparation works are also underway for a major culvert installation for the Wainui Stream.

Shortly we’ll be using an area near the historic Mackays Cemetery to store equipment and materials being used during construction. To keep visitors and our workers safe, we need to change the access road to the cemetery. Once the temporary access road is complete, signs will be in place to help direct cemetery visitors.

Our environmental teams and Iwi monitors have been keeping their watchful eyes over the excavation of the sand borrow areas near Mackays Crossing, with some interesting artefacts being unearthed recently. We’ll have more about these finds in the August issue of our project e-newsletter.

 Important information for cyclists

During the week of 17 July a new off road cycleway along the northbound side of State Highway 1 was opened. We’ll also be making some changes to the southbound line markings, to improve safety for cyclists while we complete works on the new off road cycleway heading south.

Cyclists wanting a more scenic ride from Mackays Crossing to Paekakariki are encouraged to use the Te Ara o Whareroa cycle track through Queen Elizabeth Park. Visit Kāpiti District Council's website(external link) to find out more.

If you are cycling in this area, please take extra care. We thank you for your patience and understanding, and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at any time on 0800 84 4636 (0800 TG INFO), or email us at info@tg.co.nz so we can immediately address any concerns.

Wainui Saddle

Earthworks continue over the Wainui Saddle, with construction teams working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in shifts.

We’re also progressing well with the Horokiri Stream and Te Puka Stream diversions. Our environmental team made sure the native fish in the streams were relocated before construction got underway and is working closely with the construction teams on the diversion works, to ensure the water quality is not compromised when the stream diversions are made live.

In the area between Paekakariki and State Highway 58, detailed earthworks continue, including drainage foundation treatments and swale drain construction, to prepare for the next summer season of bulk earthworks. Construction of the main access track between our site compound near the Battle Hill Farm Forest Park and State Highway 58 is progressing well, with over a kilometre of the 2.5 kilometres now complete.

South from State Highway 58

At Lanes Flat, foundation treatments continue for the bridges that will form part of the State Highway 58 Interchange.

Earthworks continue at the site of the James Cook interchange and are focused on cutting and filling earth to bring it up to the final level of the road.

Gas relocation works are being carried out from Endeavour Drive to Bradey Road.  We’re also working on relocating the bulk water mains that supply the Porirua region.

Travelling south, earthworks from Lanes Flat to the top of Takapu Road are continuing, as much as the winter weather allows.

Pier excavation work is well advanced for the Cannons Creek Bridge, and the gas pipeline relocation works are now complete in this area.

Whitby and Waitangirua link roads

Excavation works continue for the bridge that will carry traffic from Waitangirua over Duck Creek towards Transmission Gully motorway’s James Cook Interchange.

Clearing bush, creating access and general preparation works have also started on the Waitangirua Link Road, with the construction team now working their way in from the Warspite Avenue end to link up with the Transmission Gully motorway. Our environmental teams have also been undertaking wildlife surveys in this area and relocating any lizards and invertebrates found.

Works to realign the existing underground services continue on Warspite Avenue around the Niagara Street intersection. We expect these works to take the next few months to complete, ahead of the road works that are needed to construct the new Waitangirua Link Road intersection.

CPB HEB Joint Venture is undertaking the design and construction of the two new link roads, a Porirua City Council project. The Waitangirua and Whitby link roads will connect eastern Porirua to the new motorway.Visit Porirua City Council's website(external link) to find out more about the link roads project.

State Highway 1

The heavily reinforced concrete columns motorists can now see rising out of earthworks near Tawa, are piles for the bridges that will make up the Kenepuru and Linden Interchanges, where the new motorway will join State Highway 1.

Near Linden, stage 1 piling works are now complete for the new Collins Avenue bridge, which is being built in stages around the old one. The existing structure is actually two separate bridges side-by-side, and each will be demolished at different times once new sections are built, all while keeping the traffic flowing on State Highway 1. Much of this work is happening at night, and you can read more below about the night works and upcoming road layout changes on State Highway 1.

We've also completed harvesting of the Ranui pine plantation, with all felled trees now removed from the area. We’re proud to say we had zero incidents during these works, a major achievement given the complex works required during this forestry operation.

On Kenepuru Drive, works continue to relocate a trunk sewer main beside the North City TenPin bowling alley. North City TenPin is still open for business, and would be happy to see you. Visit their website at www.northcitytenpin.co.nz(external link) or call them on 04 237 4428.

 Night works underway and changes to road layout on State Highway 1 during July and August

Night works have started to widen a section of State Highway 1 north of Tremewan Street in Tawa. During July, final works will also start on a section of State Highway 1 near Collins Avenue, to move the southbound lanes closer into the middle of the highway.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happening, and if you’re driving through the area please take extra care and observe all temporary traffic signs.

Heading north along State Highway 1 near Tremewan Street – during July and August:
  • Excavation works are underway at night to widen the middle of the highway.
  • Between 7pm and 5am, the northbound lanes will be reduced to a single lane, with a lower speed limit of 50km/h in place.
  • During daylight hours, both northbound lanes will be reinstated, and the speed limit will initially remain at the current 80km/h.
  • A lower speed limit of 70km/h will be put in place in the coming weeks as these works progress.
  • This work will take approximately four weeks to complete, depending on weather.
Heading south along State Highway 1 near Collins Avenue – for two nights:
  • During July, we’ll be paving the middle of the highway for one night, though this work requires settled weather. We're hoping this work will be underway by the time you read this newsletter.
  • Once paving is complete, new lane lines will be painted on the highway overnight.
  • Motorists will then be directed onto the new road layout during the day, and roadside barriers will be moved over at night to close the old lane.

We try to keep these disturbances to a minimum, but neighbours may experience some noise and vibrations from our machinery. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and if you have concerns, please contact us at any time on 0800 84 4636 (0800 TG INFO), or email us at info@tg.co.nz so we can immediately address any concerns.

SH1 change in raod layout near Tawa

Map showing the road layout changes on State Highway 1 south of Collins Avenue.
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A view from above

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Aerial view

Aerial view flying south. View is generally toward east.

Aerial view

Aerial view flying north. View is generally toward west.

Aerial view

Underpass near Battle Hill Farm Forest Park.

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