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Appraisal summary table

Published: | Category: Guidance for specialists | Audiences: Advice and assistance, Local & regional government, Road controlling authorities

The appraisal summary table (AST) presents decision makers with an overview of monetised, quantitative and qualitative benefits and costs estimated as part of the business case process. The AST is a mandatory requirement when making a funding request for improvement activities as part of the National Land Transport Programme. 

An AST is only required for business cases commencing after 30 June 2020. For business cases already under development at 30 June 2020 the AST is recommended for use, except where this would involve re-work. 

The AST template and user guidance are available below.

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  • Published: 5 August 2021

Template and guidance

Appraisal summary table template [XLSX, 31 KB]

Appraisal summary table: user guidance [PDF, 232 KB]

Watch a video that explains how to use the appraisal summary table (AST) to summarise non-monetised and monetised benefits and whole-of-life costs.

IDMF assessment tools: appraisal summary table