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Early assessment sifting tool

Published: | Category: Guidance for specialists | Audiences: Advice and assistance, Local & regional government, Road controlling authorities

Applying the the early assessment sifting tool (EAST) is recommended where there are a large number of alternatives and options to consider, that is, ‘coarse screening’. The EAST user guidance provides information about EAST, including the benefits of using it, when to use it and coarse screening outputs.

The EAST template and user guidance are available below.

Publication details

  • Author:
  • Published: 16 February 2023
  • Version: 2
  • Amendments: Updated version February 2023

Template and guidance

Early assessment sifting tool template [XLSX, 380 KB]

Early assessment sifting tool: user guidance [PDF, 192 KB]

Watch a video that explains how to use the Early Assessment Sifting Tool (EAST) to support an initial coarse screen of options.

IDMF assessment tools: Early Assessment Sifting Tool