The Asset Management Data Standard (AMDS) is available for use by the land transport sector.

For new phases, these will be released provisionally and circulated for feedback, prior to then incorporating this into the next release version.

As we continue to collect and incorporate your feedback, we have reviewed our approach to the Drainage standard:

  • Culvert, Culvert Pipe and Pipe have been merged into one table called “Pipe”.
  • Using the attribute “Pipe Type”, you will be able to select “Culvert” and all the culvert specific attributes will then be made available.
  • All the details about the attribute level changes can be found in the Release Version (RV) 1.3 Change Log document.
  • New attributes have been added to the Pipe standard to cater for the National Environmental Standards for Freshwater Regulations requirements of data collection for fish passages in assets that convey fresh water.

The AMDS System Standard, which was previously provisional has now been released, with the latest version of the AMDS standard.

With the introduction of the Asset Management Data Standard (AMDS), in some cases, a more granular approach to describing assets has been adopted, whereby components are captured in more detail and as their own entities.

The System standard has been developed from the need to be able to group these assets to view, assess, or inspect them as a complete system.
An AMS (Asset Management System) that adopts the System Standard should consider the following when implementing:

  • Multiple systems should be accessible to field staff/users simultaneously.
  • Field staff/users must be able to drill down from a System to the assets that comprise the system.
  • Systems may link to other systems.
  • Assets within a system do not need to link to each other (they link to the parent, which is the System)
  • Asset management is maintained on the individual asset.
  • The AMDS should be able to show Assets grouped by Asset IDs, that are not in any system.
  • UUIDs (Universal Unique Identifier) should be used in back end (and available via APIs (Application Programme Interface)) though UI (User Interfaces) should represent in human readable format.

Inventory assets

Release version 1.3 includes the following:

View larger version of the assets map [PDF, 82 KB]

Inventory Assets Release Version 1.3


  • AMDS Asset - Access Control - Bollard, Cattle Stop, Rail, Wall & Wheel Stop -  RV 1.3
  • AMDS Asset - Amenities -  RV 1.3
  • AMDS Asset - Barrier - Barrier and Crash Cushion -  RV 1.3
  • AMDS Asset - Biodiversity -  RV 1.3
  • AMDS Asset – Drainage - Chamber, Channel, Headwall, Pipe, Valve, Water Area and Water Structure -  RV 1.3
  • AMDS Asset - Geotech - Ground Treatment and Rockfall Protection -  RV 1.3
  • AMDS Asset - Mechanical & Electrical Plant -  RV 1.3
  • AMDS Asset - Pathway – Pathway-  Kerb Crossing -  RV 1.3
  • AMDS Asset - Roadway - Stopping Place -  RV 1.3
  • AMDS Asset - Roadway - Surface, Pavement and Subgrade -  RV 1.3
  • AMDS Asset - Structure - Bridge -  RV 1.3
  • AMDS Asset - Structure - Retaining Wall, Sea Wall - RV 1.3
  • AMDS Asset - Structure - Tunnel - RV 1.3
  • AMDS Asset - Support Structure – Gantry, Mast, Pole and Outreach -  RV 1.3
  • AMDS Asset - Traffic Control Device – Delineator, Marking, Non-Electronic Sign, Road Hump and Traffic Island - RV 1.3
  • AMDS Asset – System - RV 1.3

Download zip file [ZIP, 3.3 MB]


AMDS Operational Fault and Activity - Release Version 1.3


  •  AMDS Operational Fault and Activity - Fault and Activity - RV 1.3

Download zip file [ZIP, 72 KB]


AMDS Common - Release Version 1.3


  • AMDS Common - RV 1.3

Download zip file [ZIP, 434 KB]


AMDS Release Tools - Version 1.3


  • 2023-11-23 AMDS Mapping Master List
  • AMDS Geometry Guidance
  • AMDS SQL – RV 1.3
  • AMDS_XML_RV 1.3 (Draft)
  • AMDS_XSD_RV 1.3 (Draft)
  • Release Version (RV) 1.3 Change Log

Download zip file [ZIP, 1.4 MB]

Provisional release

Two new provisional releases; AMDS Network Model and AMDS Waterfront Assets are available now for your review.

Email your feedback to

Provisional release

Feedback due date

AMDS Network Model


  • The Network Group Data Standard will be updated in due course. In the interim, the Xray and ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) are more reflective of the intent of the Network Model.
  • Xray 
  • Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

Download zip file [ZIP, 492 KB]


AMDS Asset – Waterfront – Boat Ramp, Shore Protection, Waterfront Structure - Provisional

Download zip file [ZIP, 2.4 MB]

4 weeks from Publication

AMDS Forward Work Programme – Provisional

Download zip file [ZIP, 265 KB]

Watch the AMDS Forward Works Webinar March 2023 (video link)(external link)


AMDS Resource Efficiency – Provisional

Download zip file [ZIP, 250 KB]