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Driving safely

The key factors involved in safer driving are:

  • speed – the faster you drive, the less time you have to respond to hazards and the more likely you are to suffer serious injury in a crash

  • alcohol or drug-affected driving – consuming alcohol or other substances can impair your judgement and slow your reaction times behind the wheel

  • driver fatigue – driving when you're tired, weary or exhausted slows your reflexes and affects your ability to concentrate and make good decisions

  • driver distraction – anything that diverts your attention for more than two seconds can significantly increase your likelihood of having a crash eg mobile phone

  • giving way at intersections – failing to give way at intersections is one of the main causes of death and injury on New Zealand roads

  • safety belts – wearing a correctly fitted safety belt or child restraint reduces the risk of being killed or seriously injured in a road crash by 40%.

View The official New Zealand road code online