This benefit cluster consists of one benefit related to greenhouse gas emissions. The government's emissions reduction plan outlines how the land transport system can reduce emissions from transport in line with the government’s carbon budgets. This cluster focuses on greenhouse gas emissions through operation of the land transport system. 

Te hau mārohi ki anamata: towards a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy: Aotearoa New Zealand's first emissions reduction plan(external link)

Preparation and adaptation for climate change is reflected in the Resilience and security transport outcome, and embodied emissions are considered in benefit 9.1 Impact on resource efficiency. Other air pollutants that impact on human health, such as NO2, are considered in the Healthy and safe people transport outcome.

Resilience and security

9.1 Impact on resource efficiency

Healthy and safe people


One benefit sits beneath this benefit cluster:

8.1 Impact on greenhouse gas emissions


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