State Highway 2 under SH2/SH29A Te Maunga interchange provides a direct through route for people travelling between the Bayfair flyover and Pāpāmoa/Tauranga Eastern Link (TEL).

Baypark to Bayfair Link concept drawing, with local and state highway lanes separated, making it safer for everyone.

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Changes for all road users

  • A SH2 lane in each direction is available under SH2/SH29A Te Maunga interchange.
  • SH2 separated from local traffic between SH2/29A Te Maunga interchange and the Bayfair flyover. The weave between state highway and local roads has been removed.
  • Choose your lanes early when approaching SH2/SH29A Te Maunga interchange or the Bayfair flyover, depending on your destination.
  • Stay low for local access to Bayfair and Matapihi areas, as well as SH29A access.
  • To access Baypark/Truman Lane from Mount Maunganui or the city centre, stay low and use Bayfair roundabout, Maunganui Road and SH2/SH29A Te Maunga interchange.
  • SH2 lanes will remain under temporary traffic management with a temporary speed limit of 50km/h.

For people travelling on SH2 between Pāpāmoa and Mount Maunganui or the city centre

  • Use the lanes under SH2/SH29 Te Maunga interchange and over the Bayfair flyover for a direct through route between Pāpāmoa and Mount Maunganui or the city centre.

New Mount Maunganui – Pāpāmoa through-route

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For people travelling to and from SH29A and Baypark, Matapihi and Bayfair

  • Continue using the Bayfair roundabout and the signalised SH2/SH29A Te Maunga interchange to access SH29A, Matapihi and Bayfair areas.
  • For people travelling from Mount Maunganui or the city centre to Baypark or Truman Lane use either:
    • Maunganui Road at ground level, Bayfair roundabout and SH2/SH29A Te Maunga interchange
    • the Bayfair flyover, TEL and Sandhurst interchange
  • Once on the Bayfair flyover, there will be no access to the signalised SH2/SH29A Te Maunga interchange.
  • Once on the SH2 lanes underneath SH2/SH29A Te Maunga interchange, there will be no access to Bayfair roundabout.

SH2/SH29A Te Maunga interchange concept drawing with a lane in each direction open underneath the interchange

Access for people walking and cycling

Find all new walking and cycling connections built as part of the project [PDF, 143 KB]

Waka Kotahi thanks drivers, local residents and business for their patience.

Before and after at SH2/SH29A Te Maunga interchange

SH2 and SH29A Te Maunga roundabouts in 2017.

SH2 and Te Maunga interchange in October 2023.