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Traffic and travel updates: visit the Journey Planner website(external link) for more information about the latest road closures affecting the South Island following the recent weather events.

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connect rotorua sala street banner

Project introduction

Rotorua’s eastern corridor is a key transport route, serving both inter-regional and local traffic. The Transport Agency and Rotorua Lakes Council have been looking at the best way to future-proof the city’s transport network.

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    Infrastructure upgrade
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Improving Rotorua’s transport network

The NZ Transport Agency is working with Rotorua Lakes Council to deliver Connect Rotorua, a programme of work designed to future-proof the city’s transport network. This work is split into two:

  • Central Corridor SH30A/Amohau Street
  • Eastern Corridor SH30/Te Ngae Road

Project purpose

Connect Rotorua aims to resolve congestion issues, address challenges surrounding local road access and support inner city revilatlisation.

Project benefits

Supports economic growth and development, addresses capacity issues, accommodates growth and improves road safety.