Construction is underway on the commercial vehicle safety centre (CVSC) that’s being built on Pukenui Road outside RNZAF Base Ohakea, in Manawatū.

The Ohakea CVSC will replace the old New Zealand Police weigh station on State Highway 1 and State Highway 3 near Bulls.

It’s one of 12 facilities Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is building on high-volume freight routes around the country for the NZ Police to operate. These facilities are part of the national Commercial Vehicle Safety Programme (CVSP) which is developing an integrated network of cameras, weigh-in-motion scales and safety centres covering strategic routes across the country. These facilities aim to improve road safety, ensure a level playing field for the industry and encourage compliant vehicle productivity.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Programme (CVSP)

About the commercial vehicle safety centres

Vehicle screening – how it works

View larger map of the CVSC site [PDF, 109 KB]

About the Ohakea CVSC project

The new, high-tech facility is being built on Pukenui Road, near where the new permanent double-laned roundabout is being constructed.

This location has been chosen because it’s a vital link to the central and lower North Island and is a high-volume freight route with more than 2000 heavy vehicle passing daily. The construction of the new permanent roundabout on the state highway also means trucks can safely enter from both directions.

The CVSC will use advanced roadside technology to screen passing vehicles 24/7, such as weigh-in-motion or in-road scales, automatic number plate recognition cameras and electronic signs.

View larger map of the roadside technology of the CVSC site [PDF, 211 KB]

Ohakea Commercial Vehicle Safety Centre (CVSC) factsheet – February 2024 [PDF, 432 KB]

Any potentially unsafe or non-compliant vehicles will be directed into the facility, and Police officers can undertake checks on vehicle weight, road user charges (RUC), certificate of fitness, logbook and driver impairment.

Everyday motorists will not be directed into a CVSC when they’re passing. Light vehicles will have their licence plates scanned and information is anonymised within seconds of being captured to maintain privacy. The exception to this is in the case of stolen vehicles.

An upgrade was completed on the Glasnevin CVSC in Canterbury in 2022.