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The size of buses and coaches will generally determine the amount of space needed to safely accommodate these vehicles along the road corridor. 

Legal requirements

Bus dimensions vary by bus type but all buses operating in New Zealand must comply with the Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Rule 2016.

Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2016

Furthermore, all urban buses must comply with the vehicle standards contained in the Requirement for urban buses in New Zealand (RUB).

Requirement for urban buses in New Zealand(external link)

Urban buses types

There are three main types of urban buses that operate in New Zealand which are the following:

Rigid single-deck buses

These are the most common type of bus in New Zealand. Large single-deck buses can have two rear axles which may assist with steering.

Double-deck buses

These buses have two levels or decks with an internal stairwell between the levels. The extra level allows for more seating to be provided.

Articulated buses

These have two rigid sections that are connected by a pivoting joint which allows the bus to be longer than a rigid bus whilst maintaining adequate manoeuvrability.

Further guidance

Further details on the vehicle dimensions is available here:

Bus dimensions for design