The Driver Licence Register

What is the Driver Licence Register?

The Driver Licence Register (DLR) is a national register of all driver licences in New Zealand and includes any convictions for traffic offences.

The purpose of the driver licensing system is to make sure that everyone who drives on New Zealand roads has the skills and knowledge necessary to be a safe driver, and the DLR provides a reliable source to evidence that.

What information is held on the Driver Licence Register?

The Land Transport Act 1998 (LTA) sets out the personal information to be held on the DLR including:

  • the holder’s full name, address, gender, date of birth, place of birth and signature
  • licence number
  • licence issue and expiry dates
  • class or classes of vehicles to which the licence applies
  • endorsements and/or conditions applying to the licence
  • information about disqualifications, limited licences, alcohol interlock and zero alcohol licences
  • information about suspensions, revocations, cancellations or terminations of the licence
  • licence holder photo
  • demerit point information
  • organ donation information.

Information contained in conditions on a licence can include sensitive personal information about the licence holder’s health such as epilepsy or diabetes.

The Courts and NZ Police regularly update Waka Kotahi with information on traffic offences, disqualifications, suspensions and revocations. This information is also held on the DLR, and can include sensitive data about a licence holder’s health (for example if they have a medical condition which may impact their driving), and certain alcohol related conditions such as alcohol interlocks and zero alcohol licences.

The DLR will also show whether a licence holder has a potentially sensitive status, such as diplomatic status.

In addition to information mandated by the LTA, the DLR also holds email addresses and phone numbers of licence holders who have provided this information on an optional basis. 

Who can access the Driver Licence Register?

You, or someone with your consent, can access your driver licence number and information about demerit points.

On payment of a fee, any person wanting to know information about a person or driver licence in the DLR (provided they supply sufficent particulars on that person or licence to identify the correct DLR record), can be given a licence expiry date, the class or classes of vehicle to which a licence applies, endorsements, conditions, court orders pertaining to a licence including disqualifications, suspensions, revocations (including prohibitions placed on the holder driving a transport service vehicle), alcohol interlocks and zero alcohol licences, demerit points, organ donation information, whether the licence is limited and information about cancellation of a licence stop order, may also access those details. This excludes access to the photo on your driver licence.

A medical practitioner may also access information about your organ donation status without needing to pay a fee.

Waka Kotahi employees may also access your DLR record, but only if required for their role.

The Privacy Act permits Waka Kotahi to share identifying information in the DLR with some Government agencies for limited and specific purposes. Examples include:

  • Electoral Commission to identify people qualified to vote but not enrolled, so that they may be invited to enrol, and to update the addresses of those already on the roll
  • Department of Corrections to identify a person under their control or supervision, or a person granted bail with an electronic monitoring condition
  • New Zealand Police for identity verification purposes under the Policing Act 2008, the Returning Offenders (Management and Information) Act 2015 and to help identify someone who has breached or is preparing to breach a condition of any sentence or order imposed that the person not leave New Zealand
  • Department of Internal Affairs to verify identity of a person who has applied for a travel document, citizenship or an electronic identity credential
  • Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to verify identify of a person including someone seeking to travel or emigrate to New Zealand, or who an immigration officer has good cause to suspect has committed an offence
  • New Zealand Customs Service to verify the identity of a person in a Customs controlled area, and who is departing from New
  • Registrar-General to verify the identify of a person who has applied for a name change.

Driver Check

Driver Check helps companies make sure they only have appropriately-licensed drivers driving their company vehicles. It's a safe and secure website set up by Waka Kotahi. Companies can use Driver Check to check the driver licence status for their drivers. If a driver licence status changes, Driver Check automatically lets the company know.

Driver Check

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