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Drivers should expect that the Waterview Tunnel will be busy when it first opens while people find their way and work out the best route.

Check out the below Tunnel Tips for safe and happy driving or download the Tunnel Tips poster [PDF, 454 KB].

The max is 80, matey

Variable speeds apply – the max is 80, matey.

Under usual circumstances the enforced speed limit in the tunnel will be 80km/h. If there’s an incident the Tunnel Operators can change the speed limit via the variable message signs for safety reasons.

Check out this map [PDF, 928 KB] showing the speed limits in and around the tunnels and Deanna’s safety tip here(external link).

Dangerous goods

Dangerous Goods vehicles, vehicles over 4.3m high and vehicles carrying loose bulk loads aren’t allowed.

These vehicles will need to take either the detour route or an alternate route. See more information in prohibited vehicles and Deanna’s safety tip here(external link).

Follow the signs

Follow the signs, you’ll be fine.

They’ll inform you of any speed restrictions, which lane you need to use and other important information.

Refrain from changing lanes

Refrain from changing lanes.

Switching lanes can cause incidents and traffic jams. Plan your journey, get in to the correct lane early and keep things moving.

Check out this map [PDF, 78 KB] showing which lanes to use for your journey and Danilo’s safety tip here(external link).

When emergency calls

In case of emergency, phones and exits are every 150m.

Located on the right-hand side of each tunnel. Watch Kiran’s safety tip here(external link).

Incident ahead

Incident ahead? Sit tight, we’ll make it right.

If there's an incident ahead and traffic is stopped, stay in your vehicle.  The overhead signs, radio and PA systems will let you know what's happening.

Watch Aaron’s safety tip here(external link).

Car issues

Car issues? Move left or right

If your vehicle is breaking down or not working as it should, move in to the left or right lanes and avoid the middle lane if possible. Ensure your vehicle has sufficient fuel before entering the tunnel.

Watch Kiran’s safety tip here(external link).

U can't stop

You can’t Stop, U-turn or Reverse.

Standard motorway rules apply.

Pedaller or pedestrian?

Pedaller or Pedestrian? Use the shared path instead.

The Waterview shared path for walkers and cyclists is due to open mid-2017 and connects to the Northwestern cycleway. 

Download this interactive map [PDF, 509 KB] to find out more about the shared path and the community facilities added by the Waterview Connection project.

You can also view the printable version of the map [PDF, 877 KB].