We outsource the majority of works and services for our asset improvement and asset management projects. Our approach to procurement uses a range of delivery models. These models have been developed based on international best practice and adapted to the New Zealand context. With this selection of models we are able to:

  • select the best model to deliver optimal value for money based on specific project and market characteristics
  • develop strong, collaborative supplier relationships
  • develop a strong skill base and understanding of the supplier market, including competitive rates, capabilities and commercial processes and
  • avoid the potential for supplier manipulation of a single process.

The policies and processes fundamental to procurement within Waka Kotahi are detailed in the following documents:

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A project specific procurement strategy is normally prepared in advance of the commencement of procurement for projects over $50,000.

Delivery model guidance

Criteria for selecting a delivery model is provided in the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency's State highway procurement strategy

Maintenance contracts

The maintenance and operations space has moved from the existing traditional, hybrid and performance specified maintenance contracts to a primary supplier model. This model brings professional services and physical works components into one contract, called the network outcomes contract.

For further information contact SM030@nzta.govt.nz

Procurement activity is fundamental to the operation of the land transport system, delivery of the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) and the operational enablement of Waka Kotahi. Many of the Waka Kotahi functions are performed, in full or part, using external suppliers.

For further information contact procurement@nzta.govt.nz