1: Clean Car Programme

Clean Car Standard (CCS) – if you’re importing a light vehicle, you must hold a Clean Car Standard CO2 account, where the CO2 emission rating of your vehicle will be recorded and determine whether a charge is to be paid or a credit earned. Without this information, vehicles cannot complete entry to New Zealand and be registered. 

Clean Car Discount (CCD) – if you’re importing a vehicle for your own use, you will also be subjected to the Clean Car Discount scheme, which applies when a vehicle is first registered in New Zealand. Rebates are given for vehicles with lower emissions and a fee is charged for vehicles with higher emissions.

If you’re importing a vehicle for your own use, you may be subject to Clean Card Standard and Clean Car Discount.

Someone importing a vehicle for their own use would be both the importer and the buyer. This means they would be subject to both schemes, receiving a rebate or fee under the CCD and a credit or charge under the CCS. In some cases, they may even receive a fee or charge under one scheme and a rebate or credit under the other (because the two schemes use different calculation methods). CCS charges and credits apply at entry certification and CCD rebates and fees apply at registration. 

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